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Paper Primary author name Publication year
Timelapse Imaging of Dust Devils at Eldorado Playa, Nevada Aeolian Research 33:33-43 Lorenz, R. 2018
Tidally Induced Fault Motion within Europa’s Ice Shell and Implications for Subsurface Communication Development Icarus : Lien, R. 2023
The Whirlwinds of Elysium : "Dust Devil" Vortex Catalog and Meteorological Characteristics Observed by InSight on Mars Icarus : Lorenz, R. 2020
The morphometry of small impact craters on Bennu: Relationships to geologic units, boulders, and impact armoring Icarus In review: Daly, R. 2022
The morphometry of impact craters on Bennu Geophysical Research Letters : Daly, R. 2020
The Miniature Radio Frequency instrument's (Mini-RF) global observations of Earth's Moon Icarus 243:173-190 Cahill, J. 2014
The Enceladus Orbilander : MacKenzie, S. 2020
The Ch-class asteroids: Connecting a visible taxonomic class to a 3-µm band shape The Astronomical Journal 150:198 Rivkin, A. 2015
test test : test, t. 2020
Successful Kinetic Impact into an Asteroid for Planetary Defence Nature : Daly, R. 2023
Selection and Characteristics of the Dragonfly Landing Site near Selk Crater, Titan Planetary Science Journal : Lorenz, R. 2020
Scientific Observations with the InSight Solar Arrays : Dust, Clouds and Eclipses on Mars Earth and Space Science 9999:0-999 Lorenz, R. 2020
Science Objectives of a Mission to the Lunar Permanently Shadowed Regions : Hurley, D. 2019
Parachute Deployment on Venus : Recovery of the Pioneer Venus Large Probe Entry Accelerometer Data : Ralph, L.
Orbital Period Change of Dimorphos Due to the DART Kinetic Impact Nature : Thomas, C. 2023
Optical constants of iron and nickel metal and an assessment of their relative influences on silicate mixture spectra from the FUV to the NIR Icarus 317:229-241 Cahill, J. 2019
New Illumination and Temperature Constraints of Mercury’s Volatile Polar Deposits Planetary Science Journal 1:57 Hamill, C. 2020
New Constraints on the Volatile Deposit in Mercury’s North Polar Crater, Prokofiev Planetary Science Journal 3, 188: Barker, M. 2022
Morphologic and mineralogic analysis of Nirgal and Her Desher Valles, Mars: Evidence of groundwater flow in northwest Noachis Terra Journal of Geophysics, Planets : Buczkowski, D. 2023
Mission to Characterize Volatiles in Old, Cold, Permanently Shadowed Regions on the Moon Planetary Science and Astrobiology Decadal Survey 2023-2032 : Hurley, D. 2020
Mini-RF S-band Radar Characterization of a Lunar South Pole-Crossing Tycho Ray: Implications for Sampling Strategies Planetary Science Journal 5:NA Rivera-Valentín, E. 2024
Mercury QuickMap - Files Mercury QuickMap : Chabot, N. 2023
Mercury Lander - A Mission Concept Study NASA Planetary Mission Concept Study : Ernst, C. 2020
MEGANE Investigations of Phobos and the Small Body Mapping Tool Earth, Planets and Space : Chabot, N. 2021
Martian Ripples making a Splash JGR-Planets : Lorenz, R. 2020