Mission to Characterize Volatiles in Old, Cold, Permanently Shadowed Regions on the Moon

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Dana Hurley, David T. Blewett, Joshua Cahill, Nancy Chabot, Benjamin Greenhagen, Charles Hibbitts, Rachel Klima, David Lawrence, Kathleen Mandt, Jorge I. Núñez APL, Wes Patterson, Parvathy Prem, & Angela Stickle, APL; Ariel Deutsch, Brown University; Mona Delitsky California Specialty Engineering; Jessica Flahaut CNRS/CRPG; George Sowers Colorado School of Mines; Eliot Sefton-Nash European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESA/ESTEC); Julie Brisset Florida Space Institute; Kris Zacny Honeybee Robotics; Shashwat Shukla Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur; Jonathan Grandidier, Sona Hosseini, & Yang Liu Jet Propulsion Laboratory; Sriram Bhiravarasu & Julie Stopar Lunar and Planetary Institute; Donald Barker MAXD Inc.; Leslie Gertsch Missouri S&T; Devanshu Jha MVJ College of Engineering; Anthony Colaprete & Richard Elphic NASA Ames Research Center; Maria Banks, Mehdi Benna, William Farrell, Prabal Saxena, & O.J. Tucker NASA Goddard Space Flight Center; Julie Mitchell NASA Johnson Space Center, Debra Needham NASA Marshall Space Flight Center; Jared Atkinson Norwegian Geotechnical Institute; Simeon Barber Open University; Amanda Hendrix, Georgiana Kramer, & Matthew Siegler Planetary Science Institute; Cesare Grava, Michael Poston, & Kurt Retherford Southwest Research Institute; Nandita Kumari SUNY Stonybrook; Jessica Barnes University of Arizona; Paul Hayne University of Colorado; Shuai Li & Paul Lucey University of Hawaii; Timothy Livengood University of Maryland


Planetary Science and Astrobiology Decadal Survey 2023-2032

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We describe a mission concept to sample volatile composition, abundance, physical form, and distribution in situ from an extremely old, cold lunar permanently shadowed regions (PSR) and the environmental context of those parameters. The mission baseline is a nuclear-powered rover that will assay the volatile contents deep within a lunar PSR.


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