An updated shape model of Dimorphos from DART data

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R. Terik Daly, Carolyn M. Ernst, Olivier S. Barnouin, Robert W. Gaskell, Hari Nair, Harrison Agrusa, Nancy L. Chabot, Andrew F. Cheng, Elisabetta Dotto, Elena Mazzotta Epifani, Raymond C. Espiritu, Tony L. Farnham, Eric E. Palmer, Petr Pravec, Andrew S. Rivkin, Dany C. Waller, Angelo Zinzi, and the DART and LICIACube teams


Planetary Science Journal

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Dimorphos was the target of the Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) mission. This paper summarizes the properties of an updated shape model of Dimorphos, describes the differences between the updated shape model and an earlier version published by Daly, Ernst, Barnouin et al. (, summarizes the data products associated with this model, and explains where the products can be accessed. The updated shape model benefited from improved methods of incorporating limb information, which will accelerate future shape modeling efforts for other objects with limited imaging data. The updated shape model is similar to the earlier model, but slightly smaller (-2.8% change in volume) than the previous Dimorphos global shape model, and the updated shape is slightly more elongated. The additional analysis reported here supports an oblate pre-impact shape for Dimorphos. This result indicates that the post-impact elongation of Dimorphos derived from ground-based observations is evidence for a large crater or global reshaping of the asteroid due to the DART impact. The updated global shape model of Dimorphos, as well as the earlier version, will be available in the Planetary Data System Small Bodies Node (PDS SBN) and through the public Small Body Mapping Tool (SBMT).


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SPICE kernel used to build shape model


SPICE kernel used to build shape model


SPICE kernel used to build shape model

SPICE kernel used to build shape model


SPICE kernel used to build shape model

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